Jane Bevan

Award-winning Author

Aged 15 in 1979, mum died of cancer.  I felt like my whole world had come crashing down.  Although I was a very shy child, this made me recoil even further and I grew up very unconfident.  Not knowing what I wanted to do in life, I went to secretarial college, thinking at least it was a start.  I did my two years, got my qualifications and worked for 17 years doing secretarial jobs. At 33, I was married and after the birth of my first child, I decided not to go back to work and be a stay at home mum.  I remembered how my mum taught me to cook and the very first cake she taught me was a Victoria sponge.  Thinking of this and how I loved to cook, I decided to set up my own catering business, working from home so it fitted in with the family. 

Now with two boys, it was the perfect job, they even helped as they got older. I catered for 23 years running Primrose Fayre and loved every minute of it, even winning a few awards.  At the Kent Women in Business Awards in 2015, I won Mumpreneur of the Year and in 2017, I won Inspirational Achievement Award at the Independent Business Awards Kent which was completely inspired by my mum, and was the most special award ever.  I almost felt her standing on the stage with me.  Then in 2021, I won Home Based Business of the Year in the Kent Women in Business Awards.  To go from a very introverted girl to winning 3 awards, just shows that all that time and dedication mum showed me has paid off.  Thanks mum x

December 2019 was 40 years since my lovely mum passed away and I wanted to mark the occasion, so the first childrens story/recipe book Cherry Bakewell - Stories from my Kitchen was created in her memory and 10% of royalties from the book will go to Cancer Research UK.  Some of the stories are based on the memories we had together, I've even included our dog!  It was a really cathartic experience writing it, bringing back so many recollection and having decided there will be a series of six, there are many more stories to come.

It's my mission to influence and encourage children to get in the kitchen and have a go!  Cooking is a vital life skill and I want to instil the knowledge my mum gave me, into other children.  Cooking should be fun, so I've made the books interactive.  They can follow the recipes themselves once they've read the chapter.  My inspiration throughout life has been my mum, and although our time together was all too short, the memories are still there and some of them are now relived in my books and I am so proud to be able to share my stories and these books with you.

On 9th May 2022, I changed the name of my business from Primrose Fayre to Cherry Bakewell World, incorporating my books, Cherry Bakewell - Stories from my Kitchen and Cherry Bakewell - Winter Fun.  I have also set up some childrens story writing workshops, which I will be taking to schools and local groups.

I am thrilled to announce that Cherry Bakewell - Winter Fun has been awarded the Golden Wizard Book Prize!

Growing up in a Kent village, I never dreamed that one day I would write a book, but here we are, many years later, and the first two books have been written in a series of six, Cherry Bakewell - Stories from my Kitchen and Cherry Bakewell - Winter Fun and this is my story.

I lived with my mum, dad and older brother and I loved helping mum cook in the kitchen.  We used to have so much fun making new recipes.  She taught me so much that I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for her amazing nurturing.  I remember one day in particular, she decided my brother and I would make some popcorn.  The recipe said just put a few corn kernels in the saucepan as they will expand.  Mum said "it's fine, its quite a big saucepan" and she put the whole bag in.  You can imagine what happened!  We heard it starting to pop and she decided to lift the lid to have a look.  Big Mistake!  Well, my brother and I were running around the kitchen trying to catch all the popcorn that was just flying everywere!  We laughed so much, we were crying!  It's a day I'll never forget and one you can now share in book two, Cherry Bakewell - Winter Fun.