Cherry Bakewell - Stories from my Kitchen is Jane Bevan's debut book.  Cherry Bakewell loves to cook with her family, now you can join in too!  Follow her adventures as you read each of the 7 short stories, each containing a recipe, then make the recipes at the end of the chapter.  Some of the ingredients are in red.  Kids have to make a note of all the red ingredients and try and guess what they will make, which is the final secret recipe left for you by Cherry Bakewell.  Watch out for a naughty character called Rickster Raccoon, he's a bit mischievous!

Each of the delightful stories are about family life with a few surprises along the way!  A Visit to Aunty Jess, Mushroom Picking, Honey Bees, Aunty Jean's Birthday, Family Reunion, A Trip to the Beach and Summer Party.  Learn to cook with Cherry Bakewell and friends with lots of fun and adventures!



Cherry Bakewell - Winter Fun is the second in the series and sees Cherry and family having fun at Halloween, Bonfire night, playing in the snow and Christmas.  There are another seven stories, each with a recipe and a final secret recipe at the end.  Collect the red ingredients and guess what it is!  That naughty Rickster Raccoon is up to his usual tricks, so have fun reading the really funny stories Spike the Hedgehog, Popping Fun, Poor Old Rickster, Spooktacular Halloween, Whizz, Bang Sparkle! Snowy Fun and Pop Goes Christmas!

This book is bigger so once you've read the stories and made the recipes, there is even more fun with dot-to-dots and colouring pages at the back and has been awarded The Golden Wizard Book Prize 2023 and here is the CEO's review.

Huge thanks go to an amazing lady, Lara Kerem. She is the artist who did all the drawings. This is her story.

Lara Kerem is a freelance artist and illustrator based in the UK.  Her professional background is in classical music and primary education, but her passion has always been in literature, particularly children's books.  Alongside her full-time job in a primary school, Lara works as an artist/illustrator favouring watercolour and detailed penwork.  She has worked with several authors, as well as completing commissions for the NHS.  To have a look at Lara's work or to get in contact, visit her artwork pages on Instagram and Facebook.