I was born in Kent and now live just outside Dover with my husband and two grown up boys.  I have been catering since 1998, I am an award-winning author and I provide Creative Writing Workshops for Primary School children.  My mum taught me to cook from a very young age, but after losing her to cancer when I was 15, I have grown up with anxiety throughout my life, but have continued to use her knowledge of baking and have a real passion for food.

I can provide talks to WI's and other groups about how and why my career started and how I've coped with anxiety over the years by the use of meditation and breathing techniques.  I can also talk about food and recipes and share some funny stories of my catering.  I am dairy intolerant and can share how have I've dealt with that and how I've developed my own recipes to accommodate this intolerance.  I can also talk about my writing journey and how this started, the tips I've learnt and the writing process.  I can give a general talk on all of the above or focus on a specific topic.

I usually talk for about 45 minutes plus questions.

My contact details:

Telephone: 01304 830603

Email: cherrybakewellworld@outlook.com

Price: £50 - Plus 45p per mile travel expenses if outside 20 miles from Dover.